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Pierre Verbeke, Lenson Realty, Inc.

Pierre Verbeke

Market Leader
Lenson Realty, Inc.



Your Boca Raton, Florida Oceanfront Condos Expert

CIPS (Certified International Property Specialist).

Bilingual: français and English.

International businessman with outstanding interpersonal and tested negotiation skills. Dedicated and committed to exceptional customer service.

Hobbies and Sports: photography, travel, golf, exercise

Sale Performance: April 23, 2010 up to Now

  • 25 condos sold ($12,969,000)
  • Seller Agent: 21 times.
  • Buyer Agent: 7 times.


 Surfer on the beach of Boca Raton, Florida


What's News in the Palm Beach County Townhouses/Condos Market?

September 2015

Condo/Townhouses              Sept '15   Sept '14  %Change

Closed Sales                        1,183      1,018       16.2%

Cash Sales                          727          682         6.6%

Average Sale Price               $227,886 $205,596 10.8%

Median Days on Market        45            63           -28.6%

Av% of Orig. List Price Rec. 92.1%      91.3%     0.9%              

Months Supply of Inventory  4.6          5.3          -12.7% 

Palm Beach County: Condos Sales Back to Double-Digit Gain!

Although the number of Palm Beach County condos/townhouses sales increased only 1.6% for August, we are back to a double-digit gain for September with 16.2% year-over-year. The average sale price climbed 10.8% and the median days on the market continued to decrease from 63 to 45 days. (Source: RAPB).


August 2015

Condos/Townhouses             Aug 2015    Aug 2014  % Change
Closed Sales                         1,086         1,069        +1.6%
Cash Sales                            667           728            -8.4%
Average Sale Price                 $211,478   $216,779   -2.4%
Median Days on Market          45             56              -19.6%
Avg % of Orig. List Price Rec.  92.4%       91.7%       +0.8%
Months Supply of Inventory    4.5            5.2             -13.3%
Why are home sales leveling off?
Closed sales increased a mere 1.6% and cash sales decreased 8.4%. Overall sales below $150,000 declined. Meanwhile, the other indicators point toward continued strong demand and tight supply.
“In August, home sales leveled off due to a significant decline in cash sales. However, the number of financed transactions have increased year-over-year, and now that the Federal Reserve has opted to keep interest rates near zero, we expect to see borrowers continue to obtain financing in the coming months. If you are selling your home, we encourage you to be more receptive to offers with financing contingencies in light of the shrinking number of cash buyers,” said Matt Halperin, 2015 President of the Realtors® Association of the Palm Beaches (RAPB).




Sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean,  Boca Raton, Florida


Palm Beach County Market Statistics

July 2015

Condos/Townhouses                  July 2015   July 2014   % Change
Closed Sales                                1,315          1,054          +24.8%
Cash Sales                                   802             718             +11.7%
Average Sale Price                      $233,420    $207,891   +12.3%
Median Days on Market              46                54               -14.8%
Avg % of Orig. List Price Rec.    92.4%         92.2%        +0.2%
Months Supply of Inventory       4.7              5.2               -9.5%
(Source RAPB)

"Condos/Townhouses in Palm Beach County dropped to an impressive 46 median days on the market with sellers obtaining an average of 92.4% of their original list price. If you are looking to sell your condo, the first step is to ask a local Realtor for a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Your Realtor will use this tool to help you determine the most effective original list price for your property," said Matt Halperin, 2015 President of the Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches (RAPB).

 "Nationally, according to Zillow July Real Estate Market Reports, the housing market is slowing down, with home values seeing the first negative monthly change since the market began its recovery nearly 4 years ago: homes lost 0.1 % of their value in July. This could provide more opportunities for hopeful buyers who have been waiting on the sidelines for the market to cool off." ( 


June 2015 
Condos/Townhouses              June 2015   June 2014  % Change
Closed Sales                            1,353           1,110         +21.9%
Cash Sales                               832              744            +11.8%
Average Sale Price                 
$264,037     $230,547   +14.5%
Av. % of Orig. List Price Rec. 92.0%         91.8%        +0.2%
Months Supply of Inventory   4.9               5.3             -8.1%

Closed sales increased 21.9% and the average sale price jumped 14.5%. Active listing inventory declined by 8.8% and the months supply of inventory decreased by 8.1%.
"This summer is an opportune time for Palm Beach County sellers to list with confidence. Inventory is low and buyer demand is strong. If you have been on the fence about listing, now is the time to reach out to your local realtor" said Matt Halperin, 2015 President of the Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches (source: RAPB).

May 2015

Condos/Townhouses               05-2015     05-2014     Percent Change
Closed Sales                             1,272          1,382         -8.0%
Cash Sales                                861             972            -11.4%
Average Sale Price (*)            $257,964    $270,355   -4.6%
Av. % of Orig. List Price Rec. 91.2%         91.1%        +0.1%
Months Supply of Inventory   5.2               5.4              -3.0%
(*) The Median Sale Price increased by 12.6% (from $135,000 to $152,000)
(Source: RAPB) 
"Palm Beach County has become a fast-paced market according to May statistics. We saw again declines in median days on market and months' supply of inventory. Potential sellers who wish to capitalize on the momentum, should contact their Realtor now. The market has accelerated, and a comparative market analysis (CMA) will be key to understanding today's home values."
Matt Halperin, 2015 President of the Realtors Association of the Palm Beach (RAPB).

April 2015

Condos/Townhouses               04-2015      04-2014      Percent Change   
Closed Sales                             1,506          1,385           +8.7%
Cash Sales                                1,045          1,048           -0.3%
Average Sale Price                  $269,849    $237,863     +13.4%
Av. % of Orig. List Price Rec. 91.5%         91.3%          +0.2%
Months Supply of Inventory   5.5              5.5                 0%
(Source: RAPB)

 "While there are affordability concerns nationally, Florida was named at the recent REALTORS Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo in Washington, D.C. for its strong buyer demand. Exceptional job gains and economic activity throughout the state are strengthening buyer demand in Palm Beach County, as well. Sellers should rejoice in the opportunities at hand." Matt Halperin, 2015 President of the RAPB.


March 2015

Condo/Townhouses                03-2015     03-2014       Percent Change

Closed Sales                            1,385          1,263            +9.7%

Cash Sales                               997             927               +7.6%

Average Sale Price                  $267,153   $232,704      +14.8%

Av. % of Orig. List Price Rec. 91.3%       91.3%            0%

Months Supply of Inventory   5.86           5.91               -0.6%

The Townhouses/Condos Average Sale Price increased by 14.8% between March 2014 and March 2015. March marked the 40th consecutive month that Florida-wide median sales prices for both single-family homes and townhouse-condo properties rose year-over-year. The housing market continues to thrive on the growing Florida economy. "Jobs are up and so are sales" says Florida Realtors Chief Economist Dr. John Tuccillo.

(Source: Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches)


February 2015

Condo/Townhouses                02-2015     02-2014       Percent Change

Closed Sales                            990             1,017             -2.7%

Cash Sales                               727             786                -7.5%

Average Sale Price                  $223,093   $208,947       +6.8%

Av. % of Orig. List Price Rec. 91.9%       91.0%             +1.0%

Months Supply of Inventory   6.0              5.9                +2.2%

(Source: Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches)

The Townhouses/Condos Average Sale Price increased by 6.8% between February 2014 and February 2015.

Between January 2012 and January 2015, the Average Sale Price increased by 53.12%. See the numbers year by year hereafter: 

Jan 2012: $149,327 - Jan 2013: $168,945 (+13.1%) - Jan 2014: $199,879 (+18.3%) - Jan 2015: $228,649 (+14.4%).

As a consequence, a $400,000 condo in Jan 2012 was worth $612,000 in Jan 2015!


Contact me at 561-706-6263 for more information. 


Customers reviews

I listed my condo with Pierre and Marie-Louise because the team Verbeke has reputation, market knowledge, great marketing programs and oceanfront condos expertise. I was very satisfied with the services they provided: rapid sale (less than 5 weeks) and I got a sold price close to the asking price. Pierre and Marie-Louise are very professional real estate agents. I certainly would recommend them to anybody who wants to sell an oceanfront condo!

Barbara G., May 2014


"Marie-Louise and Pierre are extremely professional and quite knowledgeable of the current markets locally and globally.
They work diligently to market your property and Marie-Louise is very helpful in telling you what improvements need to be made, if any, to make your property more appealing even to the most discerning buyer. Together, they make a great team and were a pleasure to work with. I had no worries when it came time to handle my closing. They were there every step of the way. I would highly recommend Marie-Louise and Pierre."

Sandra F., March 2014


"We listed our oceanfront condo in Boca Raton with the "Team Verbeke" because of their market knowledge, reputation, marketing programs and expertise. Showings were conveniently done to our wishes and our unit sold for close to desired price in a very timely matter (6 weeks). Marie-Louise and Pierre are both professional and caring: we were satisfied with their services and would definitively recommend them to anybody who needs to sell a property!

Eileen M., May 2014


Dear Pierre,

Thank you so much for helping us sell our L-L condo at Whitehall for close to the desired price and in just 8 weeks.

We have appreciated your professionalism, your knowledge of the market, your permanent communication and your negotiation skills.  It was also reassuring to have you at Whitehall while we were back in Washington, D.C. to do the coordination and the follow up of the repairs jobs that needed to be done in our unit before the closing: you certainly are a very efficient Manager!  Everything took place as scheduled and the closing happened on time.

Please also convey to Marie-Louise our thanks and gratitude for the outstanding job she did for us: she found in a very short period of time, the right apartment to rent for the winter at "Lake House South" and we enjoyed it so much.

It was a real pleasure to work with you both!  We definitively will recommend the "Team Verbeke" to any of our friends and family.


Ellen and Stanley A., January 2, 2014


Pierre Verbeke was our listing agent for our Whitehall condo in Boca Raton.
He was very professional and did an excellent job communicating with us
through the entire process from listing until closing. Pierre was there for every
showing and we had weekly updates from him with comments from every
showing. Pierre was very helpful pricing and completing the sale of our unit.
Jim and Pam H., February 2014
 "What we most enjoyed and appreciated working with Pierre, is that while every detail was taken into account and handled with utmost importance, he was also a real person that understood the emotions that come along with buying and selling a property. Pierre also DID NOT make our real estate transaction seem like "Lets Make A Deal", he reacted immediately when things needed to be handled, as well as giving each situation or question that would arise some thought- Pierre based things on FACTS!! Key item in buying and selling properties! We plan to use Pierre again when buying in So. Florida in the future!! Amazing realtor!"

Randi & Jim D., September 6, 2013


See more reviews in "My Blog"!


Amis Canadiens,

Si vous cherchez un agent immobilier qui parle le français comme langue maternelle, qui vit en Amérique depuis plus de 25 ans et qui connait bien le marché des appartements sur la plage de Boca Raton en Floride du sud, votre recherche est terminée. Je vis à Boca Raton depuis 1999. Contactez-moi sur mon téléphone portable (561)706-6263 ou faites votre recherche vous-même: c'est très simple et très amusant! Si vous voulez voir quelques photos de Boca Raton, allez sur "My Blog" et "clicker" sur "Pictures of Boca Raton". J'espère vous parler bientôt!


Whitehall Beach on Boca Raton Beach, South of the Inlet


Whitehall 2000 is today one of the best Real Estate investment on the beach of Boca Raton, Florida!

This 164 units (2BR, 3BR) condominium completed in 2010 a $10 million renovation: new Hurricane-proof windows/sliders and concrete restoration of all balconies/catwalks. New brick-pavers in the driveways and in the parking spaces. New bathrooms and saunas next to one of the largest pools along the beach of Boca Raton. New "State of the art" 1,300 square foot Fitness Center. Freshly renovated lobby, card room and social room. The pool, pool deck and garage are presently getting renovated with a $5 million budget. The completion is scheduled for fall 2015 and it will look terrific with its new Jacuzzi, permanent BBQ corner, etc...

Contact me on my cell phone: 561-706-6263 for more information.  


Whitehall Condominium seen from the beach



Whitehall Pool


 Whitehall Lobby


Whitehall "State of the Art" 1,300 SqFt Fitness Center



View more Pictures of Whitehall 2000

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Contact me at 561-706-6263 for more information!

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